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    EWS or Bust Episode 2

    EWS or Bust Episode 2

    Episode 2 takes Rich to round 3 of the Enduro World Series in Madeira. After an unfortunate start to the season round 3 can only get better right? You'll have to watch to find out... 

    EWS or Bust Episode 1

    Ever wondered what it's like to enter 6 EWS events as a privateer? Remap supported rider Rich Payne is doing just that and you can follow his adventures right here. Please show him your support. 

    The final countdown, good bye UKGE

    The weekend saw the final round of the UK Gravity Enduro series organised by Steve Parr and his crew which was also sadly the last national the guys would be organising.

    Dyfi Forest was the venue and home of the Redbull Hardline event only a week before so the venue was never going to disappoint. The guys delivered an A* race to mark the end of an era with stages mixing from trail centre using the much loved climax trail to wide-open flat out sections which would then shoot you into fresh cut dh gnar and the open flat out fields of stage 5 with nothing but natural rollers and gates to head for.

    The team were in good spirits with awesome trails and a proper loop of around 40km it was a proper enduro to end the season on. Practice went well with both riders enjoying the stages and finding their lines quickly. In qualifying Toby Luce put in a solid run to cross the line in 11th in seniors knowing he had more in the tank to give it the beans in racing the next day. Whilst Rich Payne cracked on and scored 16th in elite with times being close enough that only 1.5 second separated 5 places. 

    On race day there was a buzzing atmosphere in the pits as this race also doubled up as the National Champs and with a cracking loop people we were eager to race. 5 sweet stages lined up and some proper transitions it was time to get cracking. Tobe unfortunately had a rough start to the day with a crash on stage 1 and a puncture at the start of 2 so he lost a lot of time resulting in a 25th position overall. On the positive side though stages 3,4 and 5 were all top 5 times and in his first full season he's finished 10th overall in the series. Rich managed to move up the ranks finishing 15th overall in elite making it 3 top 15's in a row and this time with a rough bout of man flu showing that the speed and consistency are there.

    This years been the first year the that team Remap Clothing has been put together and its been a great year with amazing people involved achieving great things with podiums at national and regional events, learning and developing existing ideas and pushing things forward. We can't wait for next season, to grow both as a team and a company and would just like to give massive thanks to who played a key part in providing the team with race winning products, The Cycle Centre Jersey who helped keep the bikes running perfectly all season and finally all those behind the scenes that helped with organising, motivating, running and keeping things moving forward you know who you are.

    Jersey DH Inter Insular Race Report 2015

    This year saw the first ever Jersey vs. Guernsey Inter insular. Held in Jersey it took place on the gnarliest track they could offer which was not necessarily the longest but very demanding in terms of physicality and technicality. The top sections was full of steep switchback followed by a 12 foot sender landing into the middle sections which was freshly cut, so it was very loose. This was followed by rock garden which required commitment, the lower half was full of drops and a flat out sprint to the line.

    Saturday was practice and qualifying which had riders getting to grips with the different obstacles. The main rock garden seemed to be challenging riders the most with a couple of different line choices going into and out of it and so this is where the majority of carnage took place. Noticeable riders in practice were Guernseys John Mapley and Dan Owen who were putting there DH bikes to good use on the rocks and big drops while Jerseys Luke Pallot, Jack Clayden, James Olliver and Richard Payne were all doing there bit for team Jersey putting in solid laps and cleaning the course.


    Quali's rolled round and it would be Luke Pallot setting the standard with a time of 57.9 closely followed by Mapley in second, Clayden in third, Ollivier in fourth and Rich Payne rounding out the top five.


    On race day nerves were running slightly higher with it all coming down to one run and with the track getting faster due to some big ol' ruts forming in the loam-fest, crashes were becoming more frequent and spectacular. As the riders went through tensions were running high when it reached the top five. Especially as there had been some big offs already.

    Richard Payne came through first stepping up the mark with a time of 53.67 throwing the competition wide open, next up was James Ollivier who unfortunately came off just after the landing of the big drop which would cost him eventually dropping him back to 10th overall. Jack Clayden came through the line next with a time of 56.01 improving four seconds on his quail time and with only Guernsey's John Mapley and Jersey's Luke Pallot left it was going to be tight so you'll just have to scroll a little further for the final results.



    1st // Richard Payne // 53.67 (Jersey)

    2nd // Luke Pallot // 53.76 (Jersey)

    3rd // John Mapley // 54.09 (Guernsey)

    4th // Jack Clayden // 56.03 (Jersey)

    5th // Dan Owen // 58.42 (Guernsey


    1st // Jersey

    2nd // Guernsey